— louise & michael

Wedding Officiant - Lisa Traina - louise and michael

“We were nervous about having a wedding abroad, delivered by someone who didn’t know us. However, Lisa was absolutely amazing!! She took her time to get to know about us; how we met, how our love had developed. She made sure to learn about the special people in our lives, those who had made the trip to New York, and those who sadly had passed away. Lisa made us both feel at ease and everyone LOVED her!”

— emma & geoffrey

Lisa-Traina-Wedding-Officiant NYC New York City - emma - geoffrey

“We love Lisa’s warmth, sense of humor and attention to detail. We felt like we knew her for years upon introduction. Each service and couple are special to Lisa… Her glow is contagious, and we couldn’t even imagine our day without her!”

— brian & david

lisa traina - brian - david

“Lisa brought such a positive energy when helping to prepare and organize before the wedding and carried that energy into the actual ceremony. All of our wedding party and guests were happy and were able to witness our wonderful day because of Lisa. She helped us organize, craft, and shape our ceremony into an experience where we were able to really reflect deeply into our ceremony and helped create an amazing flow. Our wedding would not have been as amazing without the help of Lisa.”

— brittney & ryan

Wedding Officiant - Lisa Traina - brittney and ryan

“We were so very pleased to have Lisa officiate our wedding.  Her gentle and compassionate approach allowed us to feel calm and comfortable throughout the entire process.  Lisa took the time to get to know us as a couple and managed to style her wording for the ceremony in such a way that incorporated everything we had asked without it feeling long. She was the perfect fit for the most important day of our lives.”

— margarita & pedro

Wedding Officiant - Lisa Traina - margarita and pedro

“Lisa made our special day even more special. She was able to see right through us, and properly capture exactly what we intended for the ceremony. It was perfect, and unforgettable. Thanks, Lisa!”

— stephanie & jordan

Wedding Officiant - Lisa Traina - stephanie & jordan

“My husband and I come from different religious backgrounds and wanted our ceremony to be representative of us, while pulling in some elements of tradition from both of our religions. Through her keen attention to detail and her warmth and aura, Lisa was able to craft exactly that. What she created simply blew us away, and we still get chills when we think about how beautiful and special it was.”

— jess & craig

Lisa Traina - Wedding Officiant - Jess and Craig

“A HUGE thank you for helping us to create the most perfect wedding we could ever have wished for. Lisa completely exceeded our expectations and we can’t thank her enough for her help and support throughout the process. The day was perfect, and Lisa is just fab! If only we could do it all over again!”

— april & nick

lisa traina - wedding officiant - april & nick

“It was clear from the start Lisa, was going to be the perfect fit to officiate our wedding. We loved her tasteful approach, and really appreciated the clarity and freshness that she gave to our ceremony. Our guests felt welcomed and appreciated her sensitivity and thoughtful delivery of words. So much to be grateful for on our wedding day and so happy to have had Lisa present at the start of the evening to set the tone for the celebration.”

— michelle & randy

lisa traina - michelle and randy

“We met Lisa when she officiated my sister Cheryl’s wedding. We absolutely loved the ceremony she put together, and when we started planning our own wedding, we knew that we had to hire her. Lisa is an incredibly warm person. She took the time to get to know us and craft a beautiful ceremony that made us very happy. She made us feel comfortable and in control at every step of the process.”

— janice & jorn

Wedding Officiant - Lisa Traina - janice and jorn

“Thank you Lisa for the wonderful ceremony and being a part of our special day.  You were so perfect and while were just really meeting for the first time, you made me and Jorn feel completely at ease and like old friends. “