— caress & jake


“Working with Lisa was a key highlight of our wedding process. I’ve jotted down a few reasons. Lisa takes time to genuinely get to know you and your partner. You work together to reflect on your journey as a couple and she incorporates that into the ceremony. She makes you feel comfortable – like you’ve known each other for years during your video chats. Lisa incorporates your vision, personality, story, and her style within the ceremony to make it truly unique and only yours. She is a calming presence from the moment you say hi to her on your first zoom call to the moment you walk down the aisle with your partner. Beyond organized and professional, Lisa is a MUST for your special day!”

— yana & gabriel


“Lisa was an integral part of our wedding. If it wasn’t for her beautiful and warm energy, eloquent words and graceful presence, our ceremony wouldn’t be nearly as special as she helped us make it! After our ceremony so many guests came up to us to ask, where did you find Lisa? She was incredible. Lisa was extremely thorough, and she did a casual interview with us, from which she created a fantastic, sweet & funny script that really felt true to who we are as a couple. Wish we could get married again to bring Lisa back. Thank you!!”

— melissa & john


“Lisa is one of the most fabulous women / officiants you will ever work with. She is friendly, courteous, professional, fun, loving, helpful, endearing, thorough and all around brilliant and entertaining. She had a way of drawing us all in and making us all feel so comfortable and at ease with our roles and our vows. She helps the other officiants feel relaxed and totally at ease with their individual roles. Suffice it to say she is a dynamo that made our wedding ceremony what it was – SPECTACULAR. She rolls with the flow, she follows your needs, your wants, your suggestions. Lisa is an all around rock star. HIGHLY RECOMMEND for the entire family and anyone anywhere having a ceremony or needs a speech writer. Could never say enough about her!! I want to do it all over again just to work with Lisa.”

— victoria & mark


“We were introduced to Lisa through our wedding planner with a very short turnaround before our ceremony. What could have been a simple and pleasant officiation, Lisa turned into a very meaningful and special relationship. Through our conversations leading up to the day, she picked up on so many things that were important to my husband and I and wrote vows that reflected exactly what we wanted, who we are, and the life we envision together as a couple. So thankful she was able to be a part of our day. Can’t recommend her enough!”

— emily & luke

emily-luke -lisa-traina-wedding-officant-New-York

“Lisa is wonderfulnto work with. She knows exactly what she’s doing and wants to get to know you and your partner as people in order to make the ceremony really show what you are as a couple. So many people complimented how wonderful our ceremony was – I couldn’t be happier with how it came out.”

— lauren & matthew


“Lisa was so wonderful! We couldn’t have asked for a better officiant for our big day. She listened to everything we asked and incorporated everything we wanted into a beautiful ceremony. Thank you, Lisa”

— leticia & barrett


“My new wife and I were wary of having someone we did not know officiate our intimate family-only wedding, but after a couple of zoom calls, Lisa no longer felt like a stranger, and in fact many of the guests commented on how brilliantly she blended into the event. She was very open to our ideas and had many of her own, which fused into a ceremony that fit us perfectly. Lisa knows the day is not about her, and yet somehow also has a very engaging presence. Highly recommended!”

— stephanie & chris

Stephanie - Chris

“Lisa is simply amazing. My fiancé and I couldn’t have asked for a more amazing, professional, kind, and loving person to make our day complete. Lisa took the time to get to know us, asked us questions, and made us feel so comfortable. Would highly recommended Lisa to anyone who wants the most perfect wedding ceremony!”

— isabel & arlen


“There aren’t enough superb things you can say about Lisa’s work in making our wedding a forever memorable experience. Her creativity, compassion, sense of humor and shared joy make her a special and unique person to unite a couple.”

— oksana & volodymyr


“Lisa was amazing throughout the entire process starting from the ceremony’s preparation to the post wedding paperwork completion. Her professionalism, attention to details, dedication and care for her clients made our wedding to be bright and warm, and memorable for everyone. Her work was complimented by many guests. I would highly recommend Lisa to officiate your wedding.”