Celebrant Services

Celebrant Services

what is your ideal wedding?

Wedding ceremonies are joyful celebrations that comprise a multitude of options, including the blending of different religions, families, genders, traditions and diversity. Your dream wedding can include any and all of the elements of a traditional or nontraditional service while incorporating the very personal aspects that speak directly of your own relationship.

As an experienced and trusted wedding officiant, I create ceremonies reflective of a couple’s personal journey.

what is your ideal renewal?

You cherish how special your first walk down the aisle was for you as a couple.  Moments and memories in your married lifetime are the fabric of your journey. The perfect way to express your continued love and devotion is with a Vow-Renewal ceremony.  Renewal Vows have become more popular as couples of all ages take time to reflect on their lives and the world they created for themselves since their wedding day.

The road traveled offers a wealth of ways to say I love you, again.